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Aspect Schools: Supporting Autism Awareness, Education and Research Since 1966

In 2016, Autism Spectrum Australia (also known as Aspect) will celebrate its 50th anniversary. Over the past half a century, we have grown from a small New South Wales-based business into one of the largest autism-specific education programs in the world. Today, we serve more than 1,000 students across New South Wales, in eight different schools—as well as many more in our 115 satellite classes outside of NSW. In 2016, we will even launch a full-time school in South Australia—the first autism-specific school in the region, and a huge victory in the fight for better autism education.

Still, while Aspect has made huge strides to spread autism awareness and promote autism education and research since 1956, there is still a long way left to go. Studies estimate that one in every 70 people is somewhere on the autism spectrum—around 230,000 Australians. Our goal at Aspect is to help as many of those people as we can.

Our Philosophy on Autism Education

At Aspect, we strive to provide students with the support and attention that they need to grow, learn and thrive. Our class sizes are always kept small to maximise one-on-one time between teachers and students. There is no one-size-fits-all approach in the educational services we offer. Rather, we provide customer-centred, person-focused learning environments that can truly identify and serve the special needs of students with autism.

Through strong and focused autism education, Aspect works to help students with autism develop the skills and confidence that they need to live lives that are as independent, rich and full as possible. Said in another way, we are really just in the business of improving lives. By helping students with autism to reach their full potential, we are able to create fulfilling opportunities they may not have had otherwise.

Autism Research and Awareness in Australia

Specialised educational opportunities can go a long way towards helping students with autism to succeed and thrive. However, in order to give these students the employment opportunities and overall life experiences that they deserve, we also need to spread autism awareness and understanding throughout Australia.

For that reason, Autism Spectrum Australia operates a program called Aspect Practice. Through this program, we conduct research on autism, forge partnerships with other organisations, conduct specialised workshops and more. Ideally, these Aspect Practice endeavours will allow us to expand and improve our educational offerings, broaden our reach and share new research and insight nationwide.

Autism research has always played a large role at Aspect. Through considerable research and evidence, we have been able to further tailor and tweak our educational programs and other services. At Aspect, curriculum is never static; rather, we view our educational programs as dynamic organisms, continuously changing, improving and evolving over time.

Are you interested in learning more about Aspect, or in joining our mission to spread autism awareness, research and education throughout Australia? Visit our website, at, or call us directly at 1800 Aspect.

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