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A Landscapes Lineage by Frances Belle Parker

  • Posted: Mon, 29/05/2017 - 1:31pm

Title: A Landscapes Lineage
Medium: acrylic  on canvas
Dimension: 4 panels, each 76 cm height x 51 cm width

Artist: Frances Belle Parker
Year: 2016

Frances Belle Parker was commissioned by Aspect to create these artworks for the Ageing, Disability & Home Care funded project, Getting the Mob ready for the NDIS in August 2016. Four events were held on the North Coast of NSW with the first being held in Grafton, followed by Casino, Ballina and Tweed Heads.

Frances was commissioned to create an artwork for each location which would also maintain balance and continuity with each of the other paintings. It was important for each panel to signify the underlying importance and connection to country of the location and the people it represents.

The colours used are pastel in tone to portray the soft beauty of the landscape as well as the subtle unveiling of the underlying history of the landscape.

The Ballina artwork portrays the Golden sand of the rich coastline, and the abundance of waterways which connect  country and culture.

Wollumbin features predominantly in the Tweed artwork with underlying linear imagery suggesting what lies beneath the surface of this ancient landscape is subtle to many yet strong to the traditional owners.

The Casino artwork features two turtles playing, this piece plays homage to the area being well known as turtle diving country. A long standing tradition which is still going strong to this day.

The Grafton artwork sits on the far right with the emphasis on the arial view of the mighty Clarence River in and around the Grafton area. The Clarence River plays a pivotal role in the culture of the Bundjalung, Gumbayngirr and Yaegl people, this river acts as a life giving vein to the Aboriginal Nations whose stories and culture is derived from it.

Together these four panels are connected through the lineage of the coast and the ranges which sit to the west of this stretch of landscape. The Nations and people who are represented within this work are united through the underlying imagery of subtle linear designs and the existing coastline which creates a natural trail for our people of the past, present and future.

A Landscapes Lineage by Frances Belle Parker