Autism Spectrum Australia

Research focus


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At Aspect we ensure that the programs we deliver are evidence-based. All of our service deliveries are consistently evaluated through a continuous improvement projects cycle and the findings are integrated directly back into the program to quickly improve the service. In recent years we have undertaken evaluations of each of Aspect's early childhood, school, adult and family support programs. Our aim is to provide the best support using the most current and effective means.

In many cases our continuous improvement projects highlight programs and products that deserve a more in-depth study.  In these studies we conduct research projects to trial the effectiveness of particular programs or products within Aspect services.

We also undertake large scale projects that investigate the needs and service requirements of people on the spectrum, and their families and support networks, such as the We Belong adult study and the We Belong Too adolescent study. We share our results on the Aspect Practice website through Research Publications (includes insights, published peer-reviewed articles, reports, fact sheets) and the In Focus features.  Aspect also produces a much-anticipated yearly Research Update, a digest that focuses on new and relevant research from around the world. 

Research focus