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Our vision, mission and values

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Aspect was formed in 1969 by a small group of parents of children on the autism spectrum under the leadership of Andrew Vern Barnett, a parent of a daughter on the spectrum. Andrew Vern Barnett was passionate about improving opportunities for people on the spectrum and their families by establishing schools and services that would make a difference for these people.

Aspect has a great history. Although we have changed greatly since Andrew Vern Barnett’s day, his beliefs and passion are still at the heart of everything we do.

From just one school in Sydney, we now support or are in contact with more than 10,000 children, young people and adults on the spectrum and their families and carers across NSW, in Victoria and the ACT every year. Each year this number grows and this is largely due to our strong strategic focus. Aspect’s strategic plan drives performance and builds competitive advantage throughout the whole organisation, within each service unit and links with individual action plans. Our strategy is organised by the needs and wants of our stakeholders, if we can meet the expectations of our stakeholders then this will go some way in determining our success as organisation.

In keeping with this strategic focus we have adopted a three year planning process that is reviewed annually. This rolling process allows us to take account of changing factors both externally and internally, maintain our strategic focus and priorities and remain responsive to the needs of stakeholders. Our priority is to work in partnership with our stakeholders and deliver the goals and outcomes aspired to by our community.

Our vision

The best opportunities for people on the autism spectrum.

Our mission

We work with people of all ages on the autism spectrum, delivering evidence-informed solutions that are person-centred, family-focused & customer-driven.

Our values

We are passionate about people, about being positive and about what’s possible.


People come first

We value working together

We celebrate diversity

We revel in uniqueness


We aspire to greater things

We encourage people to dream

We seek opportunities

We are future focused


We are optimistic

We focus on strengths

We have a can-do attitude

We are encouraging

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Our vision, mission and values