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Choose & Connect is excited to bring you in perspective, an online quarterly magazine written and designed by those on the autism spectrum. in perspective sets itself apart from existing not-for-profit and disability publications through its quirky pop culture content of art, food, music and photography. All of which highlights the unique, and often untapped, creativity and skills of its writers, photographers and designers – adults on the spectrum. 

Aspect provided a bespoke training program for project contributors and participants through webinars from industry experts including Brenda Smith-Myles, internationally renowned author, researcher and presenter, and Iain Croft, editor award winning journalist from the BBC, who coached participants on content creating and how to make a successful transition into meaningful employment.

“The concerning unemployment rate of adults on the spectrum highlights the number of individuals in Australia who haven’t been given the opportunity to demonstrate their skills and contribute to the workforce. The aim of projects such as this is to allow talented individuals to develop their skills, build their confidence, work collaboratively, and share their talents in a meaningful way,” said Vicky Little, Aspect Employment Coordinator. “It’s great to see these untapped skills being applied to projects that the whole community can benefit from and enjoy.”

1st edition, November 2014: 

The theme of the first edition, released in November 2014, was ‘relationships’, reflecting what individuals do in everyday life, their passions, their interests, and their perspective. Check out the insightful writing and stunning photography at the links below and make sure you leave a review, too! 

2nd edition, April 2015: 

The theme of the second edition, released in April 2015, is 'heroes'.  

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Each download helps adults on the spectrum and supports those on the spectrum who developed it! A small price from you will lead to a great outcome for them. 

For more information on employment services for individuals or organisations, please call 1800 ASPECT (1800 277 328) or email Vicky Little, Employment Coordinator.

Online magazine - in perspective