Autism Spectrum Australia

Aspect Practice services

Aspect works in partnership with other organisations in education, training, and disability fields. Based on your requirements, we will work with you to develop training, consultancy, research projects and more, tailored to address your needs at your workplace. Fees apply.

Some recent examples include:


  • Practical communication strategies for children on the spectrum in mainstream early years settings
  • Introduction to sensory needs in children on the spectrum
  • Building independence for young children on the spectrum – toileting, sleeping and eating
  • Transition to school for young children on the spectrum
  • Transition to highschool, and transition from highschool (to workplace or other) for young adults on the spectrum
  • Developing play skills in young children on the spectrum
  • Positive behaviour support
  • Social skills in the classroom and community
  • Subject specialist workshops

Consultancy and mentoring

  • Developing a whole school approach to supporting children on the spectrum
  • Focus on year 7 – providing workshops, peer support, training and autism resources for staff and students to support young people on the spectrum
  • Autism learning modules available in regional venues or local schools as required
  • Developing parent/teacher partnerships
  • Focus on skills and talents including splinter and savant skills
  • Mentoring support linking school learning support coordinators with senior Aspect staff members
  • Supporting the support staff
  • Tailored internships with our expert staff in Aspect schools, early intervention programs, positive behaviour support team, adult programs or other services.

If you would like to speak to us about providing a workshop to suit your needs call 1800 ASPECT (1800 277 328).

Download some examples of the customised workshops and other services we provide. Or click here to register your interest. 


Aspect Practice services