Autism Spectrum Australia

APAC17 call for video content

We often hear autism described as a “triad of impairments”, outlining the things that you can’t do if you are on the spectrum.

For APAC 17, we want to turn the conversation around, and focus on what you can do.
What you love to do.
Because of Autism.
We want to focus on the unique abilities and interests of people on the spectrum, at APAC 17.

Tell us about yourself or someone you know.

Send us a video of yourself, your family or friends. Tell us about your strengths, passions, skills, hobbies and interests and how this is linked to autism. Whatever your skill or interest is, we would love to hear about it.

You might like to answer some of the points below:

  • Tell us a bit about yourself (your name, your age, etc)
  • What do you love to do? • What are your hobbies or interests?
  • What are you really good at?
  • How does autism enable this interest or skill?

We have a limit on the number of videos we can show at the conference. A shortlist will be made by Aspect staff on the spectrum.
All videos that meet the guidelines can be shown on Aspect’s YouTube channel.
We will show the shortlisted videos at the Asia Pacific Autism Conference 2017 (APAC 17) and use them for digital marketing and promotion activities.

Video tips:

  • Maximum 1 minute in length (can be less if you prefer)
  • Nothing fancy, just use your phone or webcam on your computer and talk directly to it
  • Make sure you use your phone in landscape for video filming and that there is nothing blocking the camera
  • Upload to Dropbox and send the link to or attach in an email (if the file is not too large)

By submitting video to Aspect you agree to the following: I understand that video footage/photographic images submitted to Aspect are for free and unrestricted use by APAC17 and Aspect and its agents in editorial, advertising, educational and promotional materials. I understand that international copyright and intellectual property rights on these images will remain vested in Aspect, who will be entitled to broadcast, publish or otherwise distribute these materials and any product thereof in any way or manner that they see fit in perpetuity.
Please note: If, in the future, circumstances change and you do not wish us to continue using the released video footage/photographic images, please contact us by emailing While we will be unable to remove the video footage/photographic images from current circulations, we will cease all use of them in future published materials.

APAC17 call for video content