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  • Posted: 09/10/2014
  • Author: Thomas Kuzma
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Welcome back to quarantine zone - I mean Aspire. Yes I am afraid I am still ill. I have been fighting the Illness whilst working heavily through this week. I have visited the families at the Vern Barnet School and Kuzco made an appearance at the SciFi Festival launch in Parramatta – his groove was not thrown off, it just projected, by hand, away from me. Oh and it was my mother’s birthday. She turned the ripe old age of 30 (obviously she didn’t because she would have been 7 when she had me).

I have had an extraordinary life with mum. She has been there for all of my big moments! From graduations to TV appearances. I have decided to make this blog about mum because she means a lot to me and I would like you guys to know why. So without further ado, here is a snippet from an interview I had with her this week.

Growing up in pre and primary school you had friends; you behaved quite normally. The differences however were that you loved Thomas the Tank Engine and wanted everyone to play the same game with you. When you had enough playing you would pack up your toys and be ready to go home. You were also very happy just playing by yourself. You would line up your toys, you would line up the 30 trains you had and talk to them. When you were playing with other kids you had trouble understanding sharing and why they didn’t want to play your game. 

You weren’t a very good listener. You would hear the first sentence and then you would just run off before I could finish what I was saying. So interacting with other kids was a little bit on your own level, rather than what everyone else wanted to do. There were subtle differences but nothing that stood out drastically.

Let’s start with the accidents. A lot of the time when you were playing with the other kids, if anyone was going to get hurt, it would be you. You have all the scars to prove it. You fell off the fence, you fell off the pram as a toddler and and cut your foot right open walking in the creek.

You didn’t see the danger that other kids were aware of. You couldn’t see what could happen; you couldn’t read beyond the black and whites. There weren’t many troublesome moments for you as a kid. I remember our trip to the States and you hadn’t heard any swearing before then. Your cousin said “crap” and you instantly said “Crap? What’s that, can I have some of it?”

 You never understood subtle jokes but the only concern we had was that you were clumsy. You cut your lip twice, once in primary school and again on the ice skating rink at 15. You had big feet but didn’t know how to use them. We felt that you were maturing a bit more slowly than everyone else.

My concerns were that you took longer than usual to recover from being sick compared to our other kids. It would take twice as long for you to recover on antibiotics than most people. It would also take you longer to get over a cough. You picked up your first cold a week after we left the hospital when you were born.

Your teeth didn’t form and you had a few hernias including one on your belly button. You were a good sleeper and eater. Your speech was a little slow, but no obvious development delays.

I had a minor concern that you didn’t play well with other kids. Generally you were a good kid; you were a happy and easy going child. There may have been some tough moments but there were plenty of easy moments too. We still didn’t know much about autism at the time so we didn’t think there was anything that different about you.

The first big obsessions you had were Thomas the tank Engine and dinosaurs. You had to have every train and every book from that series; we couldn’t go past certain shops without buying a new book in the series.  The thing is you always had an obsession, even to this day.

After those two was Beast Wars; you keep reminding us of how we gave all your beast wars toys to charity. After that came Star Wars and Hercules, just to name a few. It wasn’t just an obsession, but you always knew what you wanted. The other kids had no idea what they wanted for Christmas; you were the opposite, you would have a list of options ready from the get go.

The great thing about you was that you did what you were told. Sometimes it got you in trouble because of who was saying it, but you have always been enthusiastic. Travelling to New York and Poland with long 10-12 hour flights; you loved every moment of it. You always approached new projects and objectives very enthusiastically which is very odd for someone on the spectrum. You have always had a positive attitude towards change.

When you committed to a project you were in it heart and soul and you did your best.  Every time you were with your friends, or a new game came out were great moments for you. Year 5 was a big year for you because you had Mr Hunt. You loved being in his class because he always had a positive and happy attitude towards learning, his class and students. You had a great time with family holidays with our 31 cousins, but forget about camping – you don’t cope well with bugs and nature.

Movies were big for you from the get go; we took you to see ‘the Flintstones’ and you were dancing to the music they were playing. You have never pulled back. Even as a young child if you loved something you showed it with your face, your body and your soul. You have always had a bubbly personality; you have always  been welcoming and talk with anyone no matter their age or race. One of the other biggest highlights was when you were on TV, twice! First time was with Total Girl Magazine and the second time was with K-zone.

Well, that about wraps it up folks, if you have any questions for my mum, please email her at I’m afraid I haven’t done anything towards getting my Ls yet, so stay tuned to next week! Until then, make sure you comment below.  I hope you all are lucky enough to be able to spend a little time with your mother this week, wherever they are. Because they’re the best!


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