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The golden brush of the mind

  • Posted: 17/07/2014
  • Author: Thomas Kuzma
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Salutations readers! Welcome back to a cold winter's blog. Brrr it’s been freezing here! It’s been so cold that I saw a wookie wearing a sweater. This week I have been playing various Super Mario games, it is amazing how much the Mario Brothers have evolved from their pixel jumping days, just look at how menacing Luigi is in the latest Mario Kart.  But that wasn’t the highlight of my week.

The BIG highlight to this week’s adventures was when I was asked to go to the Adobe Create Now event in the city. This was an awesome opportunity to see all the fantastic programs that will help shape and change such things for Aspect as the website and the annual report.

Catching the train at the really early morning time of 7am, I headed down to Sydney to be a part of the event. With a caramel and crème Frappuccino in my hand I headed over to the venue.

Walking in, I caught up with my neighbourly co-worker Raina. After chatting we walked into the seminar hall. Everyone took their seats and the seminar began. We were introduced to what was going on and what programs they will be talking about. Paul Burnett showed us some newly release products like Adobe Sketch and Adobe Line. Then Matthew Jackson was next up and gave one hell of an inspiring speech. He talked to us about why we create; that we need to ‘feel’ when we make something, and told us a story about three brothers and their seeds. I even stuck my hand up for several different questions. That part of the seminar was a real highlight for me.

During morning tea I surveyed the room. I talked to Raina about how sometimes when you are in a crowded area you can observe everyone’s emotions and conversations all at once. Whether people are talking about who won the World Cup, debating Macs over Windows, or laughing at a funny anecdote, I was experiencing it all.

The second session came and we saw what Adobe had to offer the fellow movie maker. I heaved a major sigh of relief when I found out that Adobe Prelude could accept almost any video file and saw all the new features to the Premiere Pro, including Live Text templates and Master Clip effects. Two people from Super Vixen came by to show us how data can be represented beautifully and just before lunch we were shown the Digital Publishing Suite. These programs not only revolutionise the way we receive magazines, but also add animated and interactive pieces into the mix, giving the reader a more pleasing and exciting experience.

Lunch came and left, and as I chowed down on a donut Paul Burnett came back to talk about the new apps for the iPad. After that they showed us the new Photoshop, InDesign and finished the day off with a “shoot off”. Don’t worry, no guns were involved, but two of the speakers came back up to debate what the best items of this big update were.

I had a fantastic time and I can’t wait for the next Adobe event, I recommend it to anyone who is looking for the latest things that can help them creatively.

A Professional Opinion

Now creativity is one of my passions but I know that the truly visually creative person here is Raina Macpherson, Aspect’s Graphic Designer. Here’s a snippet of our conversation on the program.

“The Create Now experience left me inspired and motivated. The combination of seminars on the updates to the software and the creative individuals and companies who showcased how they utilise the software sent my imagination soaring! I have lots of ideas on harnessing these advancements to enhance how we communicate to our audience.

The entire suite of products has received many updates. These ranged from additional features not seen before to some that might seem small to the outsider, but to a user are small changes that make a big impact on productivity. For example, small tweaks have been made to improve the interaction and flow when working across various programs for the one project. Without a doubt, in the last few years the focus has been on improving the ease of designing and content creation for web and mobile devices, echoing the movement away from a print to a digital environment, and the 2014 launch is no exception.

I am constantly amazed at the updates and new programs created by the brilliant minds at Adobe. They seem to listen to the users of their products and implement their suggestions with each new release. If there was one thing in the suite that I would like to see improved it would be increased flexibility and options in Acrobat PDF forms. E-Forms are growing in popularity and are a wonderful way to gather information both out in the field and in the office or school environment. However, there are still a few quirks in the software that prevent us using them as smoothly as we would like.”

My two cents

 Adobe Sketch and Adobe Line are drawing programs that come with various brushes, shapes and uses some pretty complex items. For instance the perspective tool in Adobe Line gives the user a guide for them to use when creating their artworks. When combined with the Adobe Ink & Slide, which was also showcased at the event, you no longer have to worry about wobbly lines or jagged drawings.

PS mix was the third app they showcased that mainly works with photo editing. They have gone all out with this to provide an app that not only is capable of the necessary photo editing tools like cropping, removing things from the picture and enhancing, they also provide tools that can only be accessed through the latest Adobe programs like shake reduction and content aware fill.

After using a most of the apps capabilities, these programs are handy not just for the professional person on the go, but for those who wish to use it on a more casual level.

In Conclusion

We are starting to enter a new golden age of creativity and imagination. As Matt Jackson said in his speech to us, we are living in a new renaissance and it is up to us to work using the combination of our hearts and minds.  Each step we take with technology, with creativity and our minds should always be a step forward. If we let things like over-confidence or pride get in our way, we end up holding ourselves back.

So until next week folks, it doesn’t matter if you are tacky, or out of frame (last week’s answer). Just remember to keep your imagination up and heads held high!

What are we? World

Like models we all look one way

Stone will always be our style

Even though we have big mouths

You will never see us smile 

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The golden brush of the mind