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An emperor and a gentleman. A Thomas Kuzma tale

  • Posted: 19/06/2014
  • Author: Thomas Kuzma
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Salutations Cosplayers, Gamers, Book Worms, Role Players, Cinema Buffs and Pop Culture Enthusiasts, welcome to a special episode of Aspire. This week I am going off my normal routine to talk about an event that is really near and dear to me. Supanova is a very entertaining pop culture expo. Every year this convention is held in most of the main cities around Australia including Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Gold Coast and yes our little town called Sydney.  So, without much further ado, I present to you lovely readers…..

The 13th of June and the first day of Supanova was a cool Friday evening as I waited at the train station. With my several bags, wig, toy nerf shot gun and ego all raring to go I bought my ticket and hopped on the train. 

Several hours later, due to a hold-up on the tracks to Olympic Park, I finally arrived at Supanaova! My personal space had been invaded, I had put up with the irritable noise of people’s laughter, chatter and foul stench of one or two people who forgot to shower that day, but I was finally ready to explore the vast stalls of this fantastic convention. I checked out some merchandise and bought a couple of comics. By the time it was about to close I had my own bag of goodies and was looking forward to spending more time tomorrow.  


Later I caught up with my friend Amanda and we had dinner at a Japanese restaurant –mouth-watering teriyaki chicken. It was UNBELIEVEABLE. We retired for the evening, sitting on her futon eating ice-cream and watching ‘A League of Their Own’, the film with this famous quote.

Day Two, I got ready at the very early hour of 7am and made my way to the con. After grabbing the rest of the costume from my younger brother I waited with everyone else, eager to meet celebrities, play videogames and partake in everything that Supanova had to offer. Sadly this was another rainy day and I was afraid my Emperor Kuzco costume would get damaged. Luckily for us the volunteer staff brought us into a seminar hall around the back of the convention. But alas we still had to wait for things to proceed. So with great gusto and my urge to entertain I flew up the stairs and started boogieing in front of thousands of people. I could hear the crowds cheering me on, yelling KUZCO, KUZCO! I danced and danced, entertaining the masses until I realised I may get in trouble so I scurried down, holding my large crown, and hurried into the crowd. 

As the hands of time struck ten o’clock we stampeded into the event, eager to try out what the show had on offer. Stalls were filled to the brim with collectables, geeky t shirts and comic books. On one side of the con there was a matrix-esque 360 camera, for all those who wanted to look like they are taking on Agent Smith. On the other side were the ‘artists’ alley’ and the celebrity section, for those who wanted to meet the likes of Stan Lee and other great celebrities. Getting a tan from Kat Watson, an awesome special effects makeup artist, I was swamped by offers for photos. Happily I accepted every single one, and even with my head swelling I managed to keep the crown on all day. I spent the day talking pop culture with my friends Nash and Hayden, and making new friends everywhere I went. The day drew to a close and I became weary, so Amanda picked me up and we had pancakes for dinner and I fell asleep watching ‘Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince’. 

Day 3 dawned and I was out the door faster than Han made the Kessel run in 12 parsecs. Getting on the bus everyone looked at me and had various questions to ask. “What on earth is he wearing?”, “is that a real gold crown?”, “does this skirt make me look fat?”  I went right into the con and over to a panel by the crew from IDW, who produce my favourite comic book ‘Transformers - More Than Meets the Eye’.  I spent the rest of the day talking with friends, artists, awesome cosplayers and photographers like Alex, Bel, Zee and Sam, and having fun as Emperor Kuzco. 

With my mind delirious, a smile on my face and a load of memories I walked over to Australia comic book legend Tom Taylor, said hi, then made my trek back home. I would like to thank all those eager fans of the movie ‘Emperor’s new Groove’ who were brave enough to ask a 6’3 tall Kuzco to be in a photo with them. I want to thank the cosplayers; their costumes continue to fascinate me or in Zee’s case, boggle my mind. Thanks Amanda for putting up with me even though I got make-up on your white towel. Lastly I want to thank the people of Supanova, every year they go above and beyond. 

Don’t worry folks, next week we will return to our normal viewing schedule. But what character would you love to dress up as? comment below! So until then I hope your love is an open door, that you catch ‘em all and don’t answer to the man who knocks. I leave you with this photo of my friend Zee, whose costume was just as good as mine.


Hold on! Don’t push any buttons (last week’s riddle answer)!  It’s time for another Riddle!

Some say I have come a long way

From greetings to Christmas day

I store cash, IDs and Royal familes

But I also open doors to large facilities

What am I? please answer below!


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An emperor and a gentleman. A Thomas Kuzma tale