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Every Thursday (bin day) is like Christmas for Zac Author: Tom Tutton Date posted: 21/07/2017

There’s not much that Zac doesn’t know about bins & garbage. Zac knows and keeps track of the bin truck schedules of his relatives in states across Australia. He can identify which depot a truck comes from, even if it has no obvious markings. On his 18th Birthday, a number of the Cleanaway bin staff attended his party with Zac’s family and friends. Bin men are Zac’s superheroes (and, says his mum Susan, ‘just the kindest people you’ll ever meet’).

Read more Why ‘no’ is a choice Author: Tom Tutton Date posted: 01/09/2015

Everyday people make choices, big and small, trivial and life-changing. Choices vary from whether or not to eat a double -coated chocolate biscuit, what movie to see, career or study options, and starting or ending relationships. In fact, researchers, conference speakers and book authors interested in how decisions are made, point out that there is often too much choice in our everyday lives.

Read more Talking about Quality of Life until we are a little horse Author: Tom Tutton Date posted: 26/05/2014

Special guest blogger Tom Tutton, Manager Aspect Positive Behaviour Support, looks at quality of life. What does it mean to you?

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