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Schools: Newcastle (NSW), Sydney, & Adelaide

Educational Opportunities for Students with Autism: Finding Autism Schools in Newcastle, Sydney, Adelaide and throughout New South Wales

Finding educational opportunities for a student with autism can be a daunting ordeal. Since 1966, Autism Spectrum Australia (or Aspect, as we are more commonly known) has worked to provide students on the autism spectrum with the support and education they need. However, while we offer autism schools and satellite classes in NSW and throughout Australia, educational offerings of this ilk are not yet universal.

Because of the complexity of the autism spectrum, it is sometimes even difficult to determine which children need special needs education and which do not. Certain individuals classified on the autism spectrum are able to live relatively normal lives, from their school days to their work lives and beyond. Others are affected by a learning disability and demand specialised educational programs.

Autism Schools in NSW

Regardless of where a child fits on the autism spectrum, our goal at Aspect is to provide that child with the support and education they need to live as fully and independently as possible. That goal is the driving force behind the eight autism-specific schools we currently operate in NSW. Across these eight schools, we serve 1,000 students, all classified at slightly different spots on the autism spectrum.

Parents looking for autism schools located near Sydney or Newcastle can check the list below for convenient locations.

• Aspect South East Sydney School: The closest of the existing Aspect autism schools to the heart of Sydney, the Aspect South East Sydney School is actually two base schools—one in Peakhurst and the other in Kirrawee—with a satellite class operating through the Department of Education and Catholic Schools.

o Other Autism Schools in Sydney: While the Aspect South East Sydney School is the most accessible Aspect school to those living near Sydney's city centre, it is not the only autism school that we operate in or near Sydney. The Aspect Western Sydney School, the Aspect Vern Bern School and the Aspect Macarthur School are all located with convenient proximity to Sydney and its suburbs.

• Aspect Hunter School: An autism-specific school in Newcastle, the Aspect Hunter School also operates between numerous different locations and satellite classes. The Aspect Hunter School serves more than 100 autism students from Newcastle, Hunter Valley and Lake Macquarie.

Finding an Aspect Autism School Outside of NSW

Currently, Aspect does not operate any autism schools outside of NSW. However, in 2016, our organisation will take the next step by opening an autism school in Adelaide, the capital of South Australia. This school will not just be the first autism-specific institution in Adelaide, but also in South Australia as a whole.

At Aspect, we are hopeful that the Adelaide autism school will be just the first step of a broader expansion plan. Indeed, the ultimate hope is to have autism schools available not just to students in Sydney, Newcastle and Adelaide, but throughout every state in Australia.

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  • Schools: Newcastle (NSW), Sydney, & Adelaide