Autism Spectrum Australia

Aspect Practice

Through Aspect Practice, we share our evidence-informed practice grounded in applied research in workshops and consultancies around Australia with people with autism, their families, communities and organisations committed to improving their lives.

Partnerships - We particularly want to work closely with other organisations as partners to build expertise and capacity so that the best evidence-informed practice can be made available to as many people as possible. Such collaborations may also result in further opportunities for Aspect to extend its services in states or territories where it is not currently based. Contact us to discuss how we can partner with your organisation. 

Customised workshops - Are you interested in speaking with us about a tailored workshop? Based on your requirements, Aspect can arrange to run a workshop to suit your needs at your workplace. Click here to register your interest.

We regularly gather together our evidence-informed, practice grounded information and materials to focus on a particular topic or issue. You can also access this material through through 'In focus'.

Meet our Aspect Practice specialists.

Aspect Practice